Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

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Uber Improves App For Car Alternatives.

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Everyone knows what Uber is, unless you have been living under a rock. So, right now the app lets you rent bikes and scooters. The company really wants to be the ideal transport means for your convenience. This will be available in Atlanta and San Diego from Monday. They will be expanding to other cities in the coming months. There is a company called Lime that has the scooter and bike services. So this is a competitor for Uber, but who does not like a good challenge? To see nearby bikes and scooters, Uber users had to previously click a small button and be sent to a secondary screen. Uber’s effort to make e-bikes and e-scooters more prominent may encourage users to take them more often, especially for short trips. Uber’s competitor Lyft achieved record bikeshare ridership in New York after integrating bikes into its app this spring.

Uber expanded into car alternatives in 2018 when it bought the bikeshare startup Jump. It then launched its own e-scooters in cities in the same year. Users in Denver can compare public transportation routes on buses and trains through the app and buy a ticket. It also launched Uber Bus, a shuttle van service in which riders can reserve seats, in Cairo, Egypt and Monterrey, Mexico. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi previously said it aims to become the Amazon of transportation. This is a reference to how Amazon started by selling books before it expanded to sell almost everything.
Uber said last year that new e-bike riders take fewer car trips, especially during rush hour — a change it welcomed. Uber would consider the test in Atlanta and San Diego a success if more customers opened the app and book whatever type of transportation makes the most sense for them.