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Start an Employment Agency

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Employment agencies shop around for skilled workers to employ on temporary basis. Job seekers register with employment agencies and later these agencies will call them up when a position is available. These positions are normally in hotels, offices, industries and sometimes homes.

The employee is called and is referred to the company that requires his services for a given term; say a day to a few months. The company pays the agency; the agency in turn pays the employee on commission basis. Take for example when there was a nurse’s strike in Nairobi Hospital. Replacement nurses could be called up from ‘nurse agencies’ to immediately replace the ones on leave without interrupting the services.

As an employment agency, you need to make as many contacts as you can with employers (companies) so as to get a constant demand of workers. All you need is a phone and a telephone directory, and of course a logbook to keep you records. Prepare time-sheets for your workers, which they collect from your office and are signed by the employer when the job is done.