Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

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Nutfields Gone Nuts

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So I have been buying Nutfields Mixed Nuts 250g at Kshs 380 until last Tuesday the 5th of June 2018. As I waited at the counter for my balance after cheerfully paying Kshs 500. It took me sometime to understand what the counter lady was saying. I first thought she had no exact change and I offered to give her an extra 30 bob so that she could give me perhaps a 50 bob note with the rest of the change, only to realize that she was talking of Kshs 685 and the price for the nuts. Well this was surprising and shocking at the same time.  We went back to the shelf and the price display was still at 380.

Winning the argument, they gave me at the price of 380 and returned my change. i guess this was an ample move from the supermarket since the price change display was still the old value hence misleading to a customer like me.The previous week I would have actually paid for two at that price. But anyways going online today I see the price is 685. Leaving me to think, is it that the initial price of 380 was wrong or did they just decide to double the price to 685 overnight?