Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

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New MK01 Headphones In The Market.

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To you tech lovers, there’s something new and exciting for you. Recently, headphones by the name Luzli Roller MK01 have been released in the market. This perfectly beautiful set of headphones rolls up like a metal link bracelet. When rolled up they’re the smallest travel headphones. The MK01 has quite a unique design on it to boost up ultra-crisp sound. Every headphone set is individually hand crafted in Switzerland making each one unique. Furthermore it also rolls neatly into a compact size to fit in your pocket.


They’re crafted from pure aluminium and stainless steel with exceptional sound quality from such a compact size. Therefore, they have a cohesive and balanced sound presentation.
When you buy the headphones, the package comes with:
ROLLER closed-back headphones 40mm driver, a wooden display case. Suede travel bag. Two sets of leather magnetic earpads.
Cleaning cloth and a detachable OCC cable (1.5M). However, this product costs about 3000 dollars.