Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

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New App That Links Customers to Entrepreneurs.

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There’s a new app in town called Taffuta. This app, that was recently launched, helps individuals and small businesses to connect with potential customers. Taffuta enables vendors such as electricians, artists, carpenters and jua kali artisans to register their business for free. Therefore, enabling them to advertise to users seeking the services through their smartphones. Furthermore, the businesses are mapped according to location to enable users find businesses that are closest to them. To register or request a service, users are required to download the Taffuta App in the Google App Store. On the platform, service providers can offer their services, as a company or as individual experts.


The system uses a rating system that enables clients to give feedback on services rendered. Therefore able to rank service providers based on their quality of work.
The rating system controls the level of exposure for providers and their services.
Taffuta’s focus is on small and medium businesses whose budgets are not enough to advertise on mainstream platforms. These include jua kali artisans, small traders, electricians, artists, beauticians, cloth stores, hotels, kiosks among many others. The app hopes to ride on the rising number of smartphone users in Kenya to build a strong brand in a bid to stay ahead of competitors in the market. Alternatively, users may access Taffuta from their desktops at