Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

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Nakumatt Lifestyle Closed during the festive season

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Nakumatt Lifestyle in Nairobi’s CBD was closed due to rent arrears.

According to Business Daily, Nakumatt Lifestyle’s doors were sealed off and its vehicles clamped after the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) received court orders to pursue the struggling retail chain for unpaid rent since June.

NSSF Communications and Public Relations Manager Christopher Khisa said they were compelled to seek court intervention after the retail chain failed to pay rent despite numerous reminders.

“Tysons Limited, who manage our property will ensure we seize everything that belongs to Nakumatt for recovery of our money. That is the next process and no one will be allowed to enter the premises until the issue is fully addressed,” he said.

Lifestyle’s Branch deputy manager Hezbon Chibini said he had informed his bosses regarding the action, adding he was waiting for further directions on the fate of the 95 workers who were employed at the branch.  Read more on  Nakumatt Restocking Nakumatt Supermarket

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