Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

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Fortnite World Cup!

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Smoke and confetti filled the air at this weekend’s Fortnite competition at New York’s Arthur Ashe tennis stadium, after fans flew in from around the world for the first ever World Cup.

Epic Games transformed the stadium into a triple-decker set of displays so attendees can see their favorite players compete. Live video shows close ups of furrowed brows and in-game strategies.

For a snack break, fans grab Fortnite-themed pizza and juice, snap selfies with dancing mascots and run over in a stampede when they spot their favorite gamers. Finalists who qualified from all over the world have flown in to compete for a $30 million prize pool at the World Cup. Over 400,000 people are watching online.
“You walk in here and it’s like a whole little city. I thought that it would be a smaller event,” said Perri Cox, 17, who traveled from San Francisco. She also streams Fortnite on Twitch using the gamertag impearey.
Epic Games set up multiple activities for attendees to try including a meet and greet with the game characters, face painting and an obstacle course.