Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

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Apple’s New iPod Touch.

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Apple is updating the iPod touch with an A10 Fusion system on a chip. Other than that, it looks pretty much like the old iPod touch. It comes with a four-inch display, a classic home button and many different color options.


The new iPod touch A10 performs just as an iPhone 7. Just like the previous version of the iPod touch, it supports iOS 12. But you can now launch apps and start group FaceTime conversations. However, the A8 wasn’t powerful enough for those features.

  • This is a surprising move as the iPod touch hasn’t been updated for four years. Many people believed that Apple would focus on the iPhone as there’s less demand for an iPod. It’s worth noting that there’s a headphone jack at the bottom of the device and yet, the iPod touch is cheap when you compare it to an iPhone. Apple is releasing three models. For $199 (20,000Kes) you get 32GB of storage; for $299 (30,000Kes), you get 128GB of storage; and for $399, (40,000Kes) you get 256GB of storage. A 32GB iPhone 7 currently costs $449 (45,000Kes). It is available in six colors and should be available today on Apple’s website and later this week in retail stores.