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Apple has exhausted its reputation as a trendsetter. Even though it’s slipping in the world of phones, AirPods are an undeniable win. Every major tech company has its own approximation. The key difference, still, is that AirPods connect the best to iPhones and all other Apple products even though  they can connect to any phone with Bluetooth.


AirPods are just like normal Apple earbuds except there’s no wire to get tangled everywhere. Just two white plastic rods to fit the ear perfectly

First sold in 2016, the first generation cost $159 per pair. The second generation, cost $199 because they came with a wireless charging case. This also means that you can switch between your laptop and phone faster. There are rumors that there will be a third-generation product later this year, which may be water-resistant and noise-canceling. More like Apple’s trend, probably more expensive than the last.