Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

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A Life Well Lived By Bob Collymore.

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Collymore lived and enjoyed a full life until Monday morning, when he succumbed to cancer. In October 2017, he went to the UK to receive treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia and it unfortunately returned in July 2018. He was a Guyanese-born British businessman who served as the Chief Executive Officer at Safaricom, a multi-national telecommunications company based in Kenya. Through this company, many Africans have had access to mobile banking. However, he will be buried today in what is expected to be a private ceremony.

Many Kenyans mourn the iconic man. He had more than 30 years of commercial experience working in senior executive roles in the telecommunications sector. Safaricom on Monday changed the logo on its social media profile photos from green to grey to mourn Collymore. Michael Joseph, the first CEO of Safaricom, has mourned his successor Bob Collymore as an enthusiastic person who had affinity for people. Speaking at Michael Joseph Center in Nairobi, Mr Joseph said he has total respect for Bob’s legacy and what he did for the nine years at Safaricom since 2010. A successor is yet to be appointed to pick up on where Bob left off. But that void will never be replaced.