Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

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5G Phones On Their Way.

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Last month, CNET editor traveled to Chicago to test the Galaxy S10 5G. They  experience first-hand what the carrier’s new 5G network on a 5G phone was like.

It wasn’t as fast or reliable as expected, but when she tested it out again this week, data speeds blew past 1Gbps.


While the network isn’t quite ready for a nationwide rollout, it’s understandable why it wants to get a jump on 5G.

5G is the latest generation of cellular tech that will connect users to an extra fast mobile network and carriers are fighting to get there first.

In April, Sprint and AT&T reached a settlement after Sprint sued AT&T for displaying “5G E” connectivity on some of its phones, including iPhones.

This is despite the fact that its network technology remains unchanged from 4G.