Sun. Jul 21st, 2019

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War against food waste

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According to Asda has started sneaking bruised and wonky strawberries into standard punnets in a war against food waste.

For the past 20 weeks, its packs of strawberries have contained a mix of “class 1” and “class 2” fruit instead of purely class 1. The supermarket said shoppers haven’t noticed and that the trial was proving a big success.

Where class 1 fruit is perfectly shaped and has less than 10 percent surface bruising, class 2 fruit is slightly less regular in shape and has more bruising.

Class 2 items are often found in “basics” and “wonky” ranges of fruit and vegetables, but this is the first time ASDA has put them in normal packs.

The price has been slightly reduced to reflect the move, it said.

ASDA is rolling out the move wider across other lines, so wonky fruit and vegetables will be sold as standard. Other retailers including Sainsbury’s already including class 2 fruit and vegetables in some standard ranges, depending on seasonality.

A spokesman said: “For other lines where class 2 is being included, Asda is using the work started three years ago on wonky produce to learn about what customers will accept in terms of visual appearance on produce and as such, has changed a number of specifications to allow growers to utilise more of their crops and reduce waste in the supply chain.”

It comes after Tesco has started selling green oranges, as supermarkets are drastically cutting standards for fruit and vegetables’ appearance in a bid to reduce waste. The retail giant has announced that it will start selling green satsumas and clementines, which it claims are “perfectly ripe” and will be as sweet as orange-colored ones.