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The New Guinness Brews To Try.

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In August 2018, Guinness opened their first brewery in US. That was at the Open Gate Brewery & Barrelhouse in Halethorpe, Maryland, just outside of Baltimore. The brewery team there is constantly experimenting to create new beers. The aim is to build on the spirit of Guinness Draught and the Dublin brewery’s 260 year legacy. However they also have four core Baltimore brews on tap at all times. Well, these are worth a trip there.


Guinness Blonde

First released in 2013, Guinness Blonde became the Maryland brewery’s flagship beer when it opened. The team there refined the recipe to make it even better. A crisp golden beer, Guinness Blonde has an aroma of citrus fruits with a bitter finish. It’s Irish American to the core. Fermented with the same yeast as Guinness Draught Stout, it roots from the Pacific Northwest.

Guinness Milk Stout

Brewed with unfermentable lactose, milk stouts are sweeter than other stouts. The beautiful thing about this beer is that its sweetness is creamy. A variety of specialty malts including caramel, chocolate and Guinness Roasted Barley, combine to give this stout its mahogany color and hints of coffee and chocolate.

Guinness IPA

Guinness IPA is golden amber with a touch of pine, citrus, papaya, and peach. Brewmaster Peter Wiens and head brewer Hollie Stephenson built upon their years of experience brewing IPAs to craft a beer with the best of qualities. Guinness IPA is the one.

Guinness White Ale

This is Guinness’ take on a white Belgian ale and it’s delicious. It uses the same Guinness yeast that goes into classic Guinness Draught Stout. Guinness White Ale combines malted and unmalted wheat as well as orange and lemon peels. The product is crisp, not bitter- white ale with a bit of pepper and citrus fruit.