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Smart Power Management Platform In Kenya.

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EcoStructure IT is to be offered as a subscription service. It will run on Schneider Electric’s online portal. Presented as a cloud-based solution provider that generates information on performance of critical IT equipment based on their power device status.This structure helps clients resolve detected problems before their IT platforms collapse. This level of visibility and access to our customers will enable them to benchmark their entire IT ecosystem while providing trend analysis, intelligent maintenance and more. This helps reduce risks and increase efficiency. The facility is widely used in sectors such as banks, manufacturing, logistics and telecommunication. These businesses are those that require uninterrupted up time to be up and running.

The platform monitors critical IT Equipment from generators, machines, power distribution units, servers, computers and power supply units. In common, they are essential in running data centers and any environment that requires reliable power. Business using their individual log-ins will view the status of their energy units via EcoStruture IT’s mobile App and Website. They will receive regular alerts through the open system collecting data sourced from their internal energy devices. Schneider Electric’s Nairobi office said the platform can be integrated with any energy product made by rival firms where status reports will be regularly made, enabling their clients to rectify any situation before they suffer down times.

While Schneider Electric will access a company’s system, all information collected will be held in confidence. EcoStructure IT offers a Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) as a service operating on the French conglomerate’s cloud platform. Clients will pay for the service based on their individual needs.