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Nestle Introduces A New Kind Of Chocolate .

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Nestle has introduced a new chocolate bar without added sugar. The company is trying to stay ahead of changing consumer tastes and trends.

The Swiss company announced Tuesday a new KitKat bar that distills its sweet flavor from a cocoa fruit without any added refined sugar. The 70% dark chocolate bar is made using the entire cacao fruit, including the pulp around the cacao bean that is typically thrown away.

Using a new patented technique, Nestle is turning the pulp into a powder and adding that to chocolate as a sweetener instead of refined sugar. Nestle says the powdered pulp is sweet thanks to its fructose. That’s a type of sugar mainly from fruits. The company claims the new chocolate has “no compromise on taste, texture and quality.”
The innovation comes as consumers are shying away from processed sugar.

The new KitKat isn’t substantially healthier, because it still contains sugar. Although the new bar contains the fruit-derived fructose, regular chocolate bars are loaded with sucrose, an unhealthier type of sugar.

The new bar is better for you compared to a regular KitKat bar because it’s 70% dark chocolate, which contains more health benefits than other chocolate types like milk chocolate. In addition to shifting consumer habits, Nestle and other cocoa manufacturers need to innovate because of global warming and other threats to their cocoa supply.