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Become a Music Producer

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If you are computer literate and can use software such as Propellerheads Reason, Fruity Loops, Adobe Audition or Cool edit, Magix Samplitude, you can start up your ‘ own music studio.

This software has a lot of self-help material, that you can read and improve your production skills. All you need is a computer with good memory e.g. 256 MB to 1GB RAM, Pentium 4 Motherboard, and a large disk space BOGB or so and a CD writer. You do not need to start recording vocals at first since you will need a Mixer Interface and a Condenser microphone. But you can start by making and selling your own instrumentals and mixing already recorded material. Of course, you will need some headphones or connect your computer soundcard to your music system using a splitter cable in order to get sound.