Thu. Jul 18th, 2019

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Club Bouncing

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When I told a friend of mine that I once was a security officer she laughed at me. The reason was that I didn’t seem to have the qualities of a watchman, not even muscular enough to stop fights in clubs.

When you get into this job you will realize that it is a respectable job full of positivism, self-control, and respect to your clients. it is not about knocking people off their feet. Besides you work as a team and if you have a problem your colleagues are just a radio call away. if you can handle long hours, you can work as a bouncer in the nights and during the day you go to your other businesses or a second job.

In the United States and in the UK, people can have two to three jobs. Life there is quite expensive especially for foreigners and there is need to work long hours if you are on lower wages. If they can do it abroad, you can do it at home!!